Week In Review

Dude, what happened to this feature?

I got busy, okay? I kept meaning to do it, and– and– shut up.

Julie Sokolow–”Seasons”, from IndieFeed. “Spare?” Sure, but there’s “spare” and then there’s “boring.” This is boring. [1 star]

The Moore Brothers–”The Puppet”, from IndieFeed. Quirky, I suppose. It’s definitely quirky. It’s just not particularly, like, good. It’s not bad, either. It’s just not recommendable. [2 stars]

Warm In The Wake–”Tame Thoughts”, from IndieFeed. Finally, my head is moving back and forth while listening to one of these. It’s well-written, it’s catchy. “Acoustic, cosmic folk?” Sure. [3 stars]

I’m easing back into this; can you tell?

Week In Review

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