24 Season 6. Episode 10, 3 PM – 4 PM

3:00: I don’t know if Milo is going to make it out of this, but after what he pulled last week, I hope he does. That was badass.
-If you order someone to kill your son, do you feel sadness when told the job is done?
-There’s no way that guy would know Milo wasn’t a trained field agent, he did blow up the tech van, didn’t he?
-Jessie doesn’t think Milo is going to make it either. Hopefully Jack Bauer gets there in time.
-JBKC: 9 and 10 (Bad guys).
-That was pretty cool. Jack Bauer didn’t kill someone who didn’t need to be killed (well, he could have killed him anyway) and the bad guy let her go when Jack Bauer was like, “You know you’re not going to kill her.” If I had more time, I’d explore this further.
-Marilyn, you idiot. You were sitting next to Jack Bauer. He could have gotten your son easily.
-Jack Bauer just told Bill Buchannon how it was going to be. Those plans seemed complicated, I hope Buchannon got them all.
-“How could I have been so stupid”? Maybe if you stopped thinking about the Marilyn you knew 20 years ago, you would have seen this coming.
-Jessie just said, “What if Jack Bauer and Marilyn died, than no one would know his father is the bad guy. That seems like a big deal.” Jack Bauer doesn’t know anything about hypotheticals.
3:14: Morris is an alcoholic? I wonder if he’s going to have a problem with Milo being the hero when Morris armed the nukes?
-Oh, he IS going to have a problem.
-On his walk, is Morris going to get a drink? And he’s got quite a swagger for someone who had a drill through his shoulder 2 hours ago.
3:16: Wow, C.T.U. got to the industrial park really quickly.
3:18: This is another example of leverage shifting from one side to another side, wildly. Has there ever been a reality where no one ever retains the upper hand?
-Uh, oh, Grandpa’s going to kill me, I better leave.
-Uh, oh, Grandpa’s threatening me with a gun.
-Jack Bauer’s father is a giant prick. Willing to kill both his sons and his grandson. What’s so great about his company?
3:25: I’m almost certain Tom Lennox is taping these conversations. If he’s not taping the conversation, the dialogue is the most awful dialogue I’ve ever heard and “24” should fire Tom Lennox and the writers immediately.
-“Our man will be here within the hour.” Does that mean we’re going to find out if Lennox is taping the conversation or not.
3:28: Morris is definitely about to buy booze.
-It’s great that they introduced the idea of Morris as an alcoholic and needing a sponsor 14 minutes before he falls off the wagon. This show is telegraphing plot twists left and right, thanks for nothing, “24”.
-Wouldn’t C.T.U. have Red Bulls in a staff fridge or something? Probably, but then Morris wouldn’t have to walk to the corner store to buy whiskey.
3:36: Fox just had a commercial for a show called “Drive.” I thought it was a parody of “24” for a car commercial. Nah, it was a real show.
-Which step was that, Morris? Apologizing to Milo.
-YES! Tom Lennox. Thank you.
-Yell! Yell! Cause a scene Tom Lennox.
-Shoot, too late.
-It seems Lennox wasn’t taping the conversation.
-Hal Turner’s team is going to lead the attack on Gredanko’s house? Am I the only one on the internet talking about Hal Turner? I guess not.
-Chloe just can’t believe you anymore, Morris. After everything. How can she trust you after all of this?
3:43: So Gredanko escaped AND Phillip escaped AND Tom Lennox was foiled? The good guys are really having a hard time this hour.
-JBKC: 11 (Third bad guy).
3:51: Milo was a hotshot jerk at the beginning of the day, but he seems to be turning himself around.
-“Point and shoot.” That’s right, Marilyn,
-Why would Jack Bauer not have Marilyn call C.T.U.? What does that do but slow things down?
-What will Philip get out of trading Jack Bauer for Josh Bauer? What are the possible outcomes for this?
-Do we think Marilyn is going to go shoot Grandpa?
-Is Philip telling the truth here? I kind of believe him or at least want to believe him. Isn’t it hard to believe Gredanko would be able to find out about Philip killing Palmer without
-Come on, Marilyn! Either she shoots him or he shoots himself or he’s left already.
-Yes! I bet if you have three guesses for how every scene ends in “24” you’ll almost always be right.
-Looks like Charles Logan was pardoned to end our “long national nightmare.” The best thing about being an ex-President? Not having to shave.

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24 Season 6. Episode 10, 3 PM – 4 PM

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