Salmon in Tomatillo Salsa

Rachel and I belong to the Ledge Ends CSA which means every week during the summer we split a generous batch of organic locally-grown vegetables with another couple. Last week’s share included, among many other delicious things, a generous pile of tomatillos.

Tomatillos are weird looking things, all green and tomato-shaped, with that weird papery husk and sticky … stuff … under it. I wasn’t entirely sure what I should do with them, but the obvious answer was salsa. A recipe was kindly provided by the estimable Kriston, Smasher of Arms, although I must confess I deviated from it in the following ways:

  1. Whole Foods didn’t have cilantro. I don’t even know what’s up with that. It’s ridiculous, but there you go. I had to make salsa without cilantro.
  2. Because I decided to let my salsa double as a poaching liquid, I went for a half-blended, half-chunky texture. I did not, however, add the recommended Dr. Pepper to the blended portion because, again, Whole Foods didn’t have Dr. Pepper. (This was less surprising.)

But, what I did do was take this delicious looking pile of tomatillos and yellow tomatoes, and dice ’em good, along with an onion, two serrano chiles, a sprinkling of chile powder, and a lime’s worth of juice. And salt and pepper, but that goes without saying.


Half of that went into the blender, where it got pureed but good, and then stirred back into the rest along with a diced red pepper. Yum!


Ok, look at this salmon. Wild caught, not farmed and color-added. I really like the taste of salmon, and I love how easy it is to cook, but I hate bending over it for 15 minutes with a pair of tweezers pulling out all of those damn pin bones. If someone invents boneless salmon, I am so there.


The salmon was cut into serving-sized pieces. A good couple of ladles of the salsa went into my non-stick pan, and brought to a simmer. In went the salmon, on went the cover, and in 5 minutes, we had dinner.


I served it with a little spicy corn relish: fresh amazingly sweet corn, right off the cob, with diced red peppers, jalepeno, onion, cayenne pepper, and lime juice.


Delicious. If we’d had a bottle of white wine chilling, I imagine it would have gone well with it.

Salmon in Tomatillo Salsa

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