24: Episode 17, 11 PM – 12 AM

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I was trying to write the “24” blog ahead of time tonight. I included sentences like “This show sucks.” “I can’t believe this is happening, it’s totally unbelievable.” “Wow, Fox has such a poor opinion of women, she’s so a) dumb, b) crazy, c) evil, d) all of the above.”

9:03: “Wayne, can you get us a room?” 7 words I’d never expect Jack Bauer to say.
9:04: Let’s just remind everyone that this is the second time Christopher Henderson has easily escaped.
9:05: I hope Jack Bauer sutures the wound with a hair dryer, that would be the best possible way to solve this problem.
9:08: Even in his evil conniving mood, President Logan is a blame hungry troll.
9:08: Oh, a “24” special, a person who appears bad seems good. Karen Myers has second thoughts?
9:09: I wonder if Christopher Henderson hates when President Logan starts freelancing like this and calling Directors of Homeland Security with orders to apprehend Jack Bauer.
9:11: “It’s starting.” Silly Audrey, it’s been starting for about 17 hours.
9:12: I just missed that part. Karen Myers is being used and I think she knows it.
9:19: I wonder if Heller flies in this type of plane all the time.
9:20: Isn’t anyone going to wonder why the Secretary of Defense is landing in LA? Oooh, “off the manifest.” That means it’s OK.
9:21: Audrey Raines was able to find the tracker SO fast, they should put her in the field.
9:23: “Nah, nah, nah, nah, nah, I’m the Commander in Chief and you’re not.”
9:25: Seriously, I don’t think they need to spend any more time with the assistant’s daughter storyline. Oh right, I guess they do so she can call 911.
9:32: Why don’t they just have Aaron Pierce arrest the president the same way they busted up Lynn McGill.
9:33: I bet the sneaky assistant to Karen Myers ends up doing something surprising and saving some part of the day.
9:37: NJBD: 2 (EMTs)
9:41: She went from being so strong and crazy to being lame and gullible. Gross kissing, I saw an elderly couple making out outside of a Denny’s once, which isn’t really related, but kind of.
9:46: The recording seems to prove the idea that the president was getting used. He seemed angry, stupid, and blaming on the phone, that means it wasn’t faked.
9:54: This music is stupid. Good thinking, Chloe, bathroom jokes are always the best way to get out of trouble.
9:55: I kind of feel like if these guys really were patriots, they wouldn’t be shooting cops. Another incongruity with the show, it’s SO implausible.
9:56: NJBD: 6 (cops and baddies, bank manager). I wish the bank manager hadn’t died. He was one of the good ones, he was.
0 JBKC, 0 tortures, 8 NJBD, Prediction Ratio n/a
Jack Bauer is really getting outclassed on the killings lately, he’d better catch up. I’m watching this show now, only for the blog, it’s pathetic.
Totals for the season, 30 JBKCs, 5 tortures, 122 NJBDs, Prediction Ratio 45% (5 out of 11)

24: Episode 17, 11 PM – 12 AM

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