24: Episode 16, 10 PM – 11 PM

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I’m mad at “24”. Two weeks ago, the cliffhanger was that the terrorist may or may not have got her information from Audrey Raines. Audrey was portrayed as a terrorist. Then,, “Oops, Christopher Henderson just told me to use that name.” Again, it’s a problem of trust. If we can’t trust “24” not to jerk us around and just throw in random bits of information, then there’s no reason for us to watch.

9:02: Looks like Jack Bauer’s plan worked and the world is safe for everyone.
9:03: Oh, my God, bring the terrorist to safety, Jack Bauer. Fire doesn’t burn Jack Bauer. Jack Bauer is the white-hot heat of one million suns.
9:04: Jack Bauer is scared? A shockwave just went through the universe.
9:06: Karen Myers’ assistant is like an airplane full of snakes.
9:07: Do you think Aaron Pierce goes months and months without being shot at and then relishes the days he’s shot at twice in a couple hours.
9:09: So is Evelyn a good girl or a bad girl? Maybe she’s both, the best kind.
9:10: Oooh. The “IP Account” that’s what the interweb is made of.
9:10: I just laughed out loud. No one cares about Evelyn’s baby. Except Jack Bauer.
9:12: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, THIS SHOW SUCKS!
9:16: “Backslash Protocol” hmmm.
9:17: How does Audrey not smash that guy? I don’t think her loyalties are as divided as Homeland thinks she is.
9:19: When a mid-level Chief of Staff starts throwing around nasty threats like that, Bushbots everywhere get excited.
9:21: This is another situation when the show is making it seem really obvious that a major figure (Hal Gardner) is responsible for everything. They did this earlier in the season and it made me really angry and depressed because I knew it wasn’t going to turn out the way they were making it seem like it was going to turn out.
9:24: Evelyn Martin’s daughter looks much older than I would have expected.
9:28: Duh. Duh. Duh. Hal Gardner, meet Wayne Palmer.
9:31: Audrey’s entrance into that conversation seemed horribly unnecessary.
9:31: This is so fucking stupid. There’s no explanation. There’s no way at all for it to be believable that Evelyn Martin would feel like she “has [David Palmer’s] blood on her hands” and not do everything possible to help the investigation.
9:33: “Patch me in”? How exactly does one patch someone in on a cell phone?
9:40: Why doesn’t Jack Bauer just torture Evelyn. I mean, in the scheme of things, what does anyone care about her? Jack Bauer has a weakness for little girls, but still…
9:42: Jack Bauer has an enormous sentimental side. Basically if you want to convince him to do something he doesn’t want to do you just play the revenge card and talk about you brother getting shot through the neck. He crumbles like a house of cards every single time.
9:43: What if the President is the puppetmaster? That would be the ultimate in unbelievability and right up this show’s alley.
9:44: Torture her, Jack Bauer, torture her!!!
9:51: “Damn it, there’s too many of them.” What the hell does that mean, Jack Bauer? When has that ever stopped you?
9:51: JBKC: 2 (Christopher Henderson’s bad guys).
9:51: NJBD: 1 (Wayne Palmer pops his death cherry on a buddy of Christopher Henderson’s).
9:56: JBKC: 1 (Christopher Henderson’s bad guy).
9:58: Ahem, I don’t mean to toot my horn but, “9:43: What if the President is the puppetmaster? That would be the ultimate in unbelievability and right up this show’s alley.”
3 JBKC, 0 tortures, 1 NJBD, Prediction Ratio n/a (I could count the rope-a-dope president, but I didn’t follow prediction protocol).
This shit sucks. President Logan is a mastermind and for what? The only reason I’m watching this is to see how lobbying and immigration get folded into the plot in the next couple weeks.
Totals for the season, 30 JBKCs, 5 tortures, 114 NJBDs, Prediction Ratio 45% (5 out of 11)

24: Episode 16, 10 PM – 11 PM

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