24: Episode 12, 6 PM – 7 PM

9:01: Here’s the thing that bugs me. There’s no way the terrorists could plan on having that key card. Unless that key card guy’s only job is to track the junkies of greater Los Angeles looking for someone with a relative that has security clearance. That means there’s no way they’d be able to set up a plan to attack C.T.U. “24” is asking me to suspend my disbelief too much.
9:03: Buchannon asked, “What is Kim Bauer doing here?” What he meant was “What’s Kim Bauer doing here without Chase and his baby?”
9:04: Yeah, Christopher. We know you love Jack Bauer’s. And we know why, too, you filthy, filthy man.
9:05: Again, we’re supposed to believe that Jack Bauer was pretending to be dead but wasn’t getting updates on his daughter. You know he’d be living in her basement without her knowing it.
9:07: This is the Cheneyesque executive privilege character. Come on, Mike, let’s federalize the National Guard and use the military inappropriately. Yet another example of “24” imitating life.
9:09: Christopher seems to think that telling Jack Bauer that he doesn’t want to know what he knows will make it OK. I don’t think that’s the right plan.
9:14: Would they have mentioned Barry Landis twice by name if he wasn’t going to have some larger role than Kim Bauer’s boyfriend?
9:15: Easy Barry Landis, Jack Bauer will interrogate you if you’re not careful.
9:19: There’s no reason why the terrorist would set the time on the gas for longer 10 minutes, which means there should be some resolution on that during this episode.
9:20: Come on, Bill, you need my gun. Put me back on the force. Sorry, Tony.
9:21: My prediction is that Tony does something about the gas…
9:23: The teacher becomes the taught. Christopher Henderson, meet Jack Bauer. Torture: 1 (Christopher Henderson)
9:29: Mike Novick must hate the fact that the only hope the Constitution has against the crazy VP, Hal Gardner, and President Logan rests in the hands of a crazy lady.
9:32: Edgar, Edgar, Edgar. You’re never going to get the opportunity to eat Carrie if you snap at her.
9:35: She had already dialed and the ice pick man didn’t shut her phone off. That should be a problem for ice pick man. NJBD: 1 (Carrie)
9:42: You’ve got to tell them, Lynn. They’re going to find your wallet any minute. That’s when the trouble will really start.
9:43: Lynn McGill shall now be referred to as Mini-Bush.
9:44: Tony and Chris, sitting in a tree, K-I-L-L-I-N-G. Prediction Two: Tony does something to Chris.
9:51: NJBD: 1 (CTU Red Shirt)
9:52: JBKC: 1 (Terrorist)
9:56: And thus ended the heavy life of Edgar. Maybe because he’s so big, he’ll be able to make it? That scene was like watching King Kong die.
1 JBKC, 1 torture, 2 NJBD, Prediction Ratio 0% (0 for 1)
One of my predictions for Tony, was proved untrue and yet, the preview of next week implies there may be hope yet. I’ll count the full amount of C.T.U. deaths next week. TV on the airplane rocks! One day I hope to meet one of the writers of 24 to ask what they’re doing with all the unfavorable representations of real life Republicans. Or else, I’d like to ask a real life Republican what they think of the obvious references on the show. The main reason they killed Edgar off was because Louis Lombardi was eating all of the food back stage. Is his character still alive on The Sopranos?
Totals for the season, 22 JBKCs, 4 torture, 46 NJBDs, Prediction Ratio 40% (4 out of 9).

24: Episode 12, 6 PM – 7 PM

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