24: Episode 11, 5 PM – 6 PM

Today’s edition of the 24 Blog comes to you from 30,000 feet above the eastern seaboard. I’m currently on Jetblue flight 1208 from PBI to Logan International. Last week when I saw that “24” was going to be 2 hours long, I disappointedly thought I’d miss not one, but two episodes tonight. Thanks to the magic of technology, and Jetblue’s partnership with Direct TV I should be able to watch both episodes with minor interruptions for safety announcements. Without further adieu…
8:02: Tony! Tony! Tony! Actually, why is Tony being treated at C.T.U.? I know they have hospitals for explosion victims.
8:04: Why does Tony need talk to Jack? I’m missing this dialogue because the captain is telling us about…
8:30: Oops. I forgot you’re not allowed to have laptops turned on during take off. Sorry for the missing minutes, federal regulations and all.
8:31: I’ve missed almost everything during this episode except that Tyler Memorial Hospital is in a lot of trouble. The pilot is so chatty, sheesh.
8:32: If Martha Logan isn’t careful, she’s going to kiss Aaron Pierce.
8:41: If there’s anything to say about Christopher Henderson, at least he uses a Mac.
8:41: Mrs. Henderson’s wife is REALLY annoying.
8:43: C.T.U. seems to be getting lots of lucky bounces during this hour. Come on, controlling the First Lady’s philandering is definitely NOT Mike Novick’s job.
8:44: Is shutting off the air not an option? It seems that’s the easiest solution.
8:52: Regular people don’t run into people that tried to kill them only an hour before. Jack Bauer runs into these people three times a day.
8:53: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. 1 torture (Miriam). “Miriam Henderson has been shot.” That happens when you shoot someone, Jack Bauer.
8:54: NJBD: 1 (Terrorist)
8:55: It took 8 minutes for the C.T.U. guys searching the terrorist’s body to find the remote detonator. Where do you think it was?
8:55: The football is in motion. This reminds Curtis of when he was a running back in college.
8:57: NJBD: 2 (Lynn McGill’s junky sister and her boyfriend). Who didn’t know that was going to happen?
0 JBKC, 1 torture, 3 NJBD, Prediction Ratio n/a
I’ll save the final thoughts for next episode.
Totals for the season, 21 JBKCs, 3 torture, 44 NJBDs, Prediction Ratio 44.4% (4 out of 9).

24: Episode 11, 5 PM – 6 PM

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