24: Episode 10, 4 PM – 5 PM

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9:03: Way to go, Mrs. Logan! You go! This is the biggest quandary of President Logan’s career. “If we warn them, they’ll set off the gas!” You think?
9:05: The President on line 1? How many lines does that limousine have? Isn’t every presidential phone call get recorded? How can they talk about this stuff over the phone?
9:07: Edgar was just thinking to himself that the last time a pretty, blonde girl talked to me, “I ate her.”
9:08: Lynn McGill is seeming more and more insane every second.
9:10: Edgar is thinking to himself, “Mmmm. Pretty, blonde girl sandwich. Just like an Oreo, but sexier.”
9:12: Heavy traffic? That’s the best you can do, Martha? The last time you drove was 1997.
9:16: Some day, I hope to be powerful enough to fire people for multitasking. Lynn McGill will be my model.
9:17: Yes, Audrey, stand up to him. We all know he’s a douche.
9:18: I can’t believe I still watch this show. It sucks the worst. I could be watching The Apprentice or the Bachelor finale. DVR.
9:20: WTF! That guy just keeps a taser ready for situations like that? I doubt it. Or maybe.
9:28: I bet Lynn McGill is an only child. Oh, wait, his sister is a junkie.
9:29: That guy looks like Rutger Hauer. But I don’t think it was him.
9:30: Audrey just made the decision that there needs to be a change at the top. You could see it in her eyes.
9:32: Edgar just wants it known it’s not a good idea so he can blame the pretty, blonde women if he gets in trouble.
9:32: Section 112. I’m the man. I called it last week: ” How long until there is a coup and Lynn McGill gets deposed for being insane? It could happen any minute here. Jack Bauer will come into CTU with a gaggle of security and say something like, “Lynn McGill, I’m placing you in custody until this crisis is over in recognition of section X of the Y Code. Your continued leadership is no longer in the best interests of this country. Sir, please follow these men.” In fact, I think that’s happened on this show before.”
9:34: “You tell me where the solution is on this one.” See, Charles, your father didn’t want you to ask other people, he probably wanted you to solve the problems yourself.
9:36: “Pray with me, Mike.” Unbelievable. This show is ridiculous.
9:37: It’s happening now. I love the nameless “Red Shirts.” You know where their loyalty lies.
9:37: “The Incapacity Clause of Section 112.” Unjustified Usurpation. It’s all so great.
9:44: NJBKs: 7 (2 cops, 2 Secret Service guys, 1 driver, 2 terrorists). The flame thrower was a nice touch. I definitely thought Aaron Pierce was dead, but I guess he knows how to get hit by a rocket launcher.
9:52: Nice way to bring Nina Meyers back into the series.
9:53: Jack Bauer is in Custody! Jack Bauer is in Custody!
9:53: How long before gas starts leaking into that chamber? Not long, apparently.
9:55: What a crazy detonator. Can’t they set bombs off from cell phones these days?
9:57: Get him off the phone, Mike. The president is badly overmatched.
Final thoughts:
0 JBKC, 0 torture, 18 NJBD, Prediction Ratio 100%
My prediction from last week came true. And also, I added the 11 people the accurate number from the mall gas attack. Next week looks crazy and I’m pretty sure that not only did I see Kim, I THINK I SAW TONY. Unfortunately, I’ll be on an airplane from 8-10 next week.
Totals for the season, 21 JBKCs, 2 torture, 41 NJBDs, Prediction Ratio 44.4% (4 out of 9).

24: Episode 10, 4 PM – 5 PM

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