24: Episode 9, 3 PM – 4 PM

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I’ve been thinking about the Bird Flu. I bet Jack Bauer battles the Bird Flu next year.
9:03: NJBK: 1 (The Man in the Yellow Tie). It just shows to go ya you can never trust a terrorist, even if you’re a terrorist yourself.
9:04: NJBK: 1 (Nathanson’s co-worker)
9:04: NJBK: 1 (Some one else) This is going too fast. “24” hasn’t been too violent lately, I guess they’re making up for it now.
9:05: Ahh, the Lynn McGill’s junkie sister storyline back again. Great. I hope Mr. McGill gets jumped again.
9:06: Take responsibility, Rudy. Quitters never win. President Logan sucks.
9:07: Audrey isn’t thinking with her head, but Lynn McGill isn’t either. I’d like Lynn McGill to try to tell Jack Bauer he works for him. Because it’s been made abundantly clear at least 2 times this season that Jack Bauer doesn’t work for anyone, but himself. And the USA.
9:09: Jack Bauer is in custody! Jack Bauer is in custody!
9:09: James Nathanson here, pleased to meet you. I have know where your nerve gas is. Want me to tell you?
9:12: How many times has Jack Bauer had to put Curtis Manning into a sleeper hold? It probably happens all the time. Curits has the last doughnut and BAM Jack Bauer puts him into a sleeper hold. Curtis and Jack Bauer go out from lunch and Jack Bauer wants to pay and Curtis won’t let him? BAM Jack Bauer puts Curtis into a sleeper hold.
9:12: JBKC: 1 (Curtis Manning)
9:18: Lynn McGill is my least favorite character. Less favorite than even Chloe. There’s no way he would get to the position he’s in without sleeping with all of his bosses continually and passionately. He’s irrational, unable to control his temper, makes bad decisions constantly, and also is prone to getting mugged by his junkie sister and her boyfriend. The only one who makes stupendously bad decisions with more aplomb is President Logan.
9:20: President Logan whispers, “Is someone tracing the call.” Good thing he’s in power, I bet no one thought to try to catch the terrorists though a phone trace.
9:21: Doesn’t the president know the US doesn’t negotiate with terrorists? I thought he said something like that in the last couple weeks.
9:22: Mike Novick needs to get the president off the phone with the terrorist quickly, it’s clear he is badly overmatched.
9:23: If President Logan thinks it’s a good idea to have the route of the motorcade in his hand when the terrorists call back, it’s probably NOT a good idea.
9:28: “Someone’s screwing with me, Bill, and I won’t tolerate it.” Lynn McGill was definitely stuffed in lockers when he was a high schooler. “I don’t care how I sound.” Lynn McGill is SUCH a baby. GOD!
9:30: Nathanson needs the country to get behind him. Then he said Cummings. This show is so sexual.
9:32: NJBK: 1 (The baddie Nathonson shot)
9:34: JBKC: 2 (Baddies coming after Nathonson)
9:35: Jack Bauer just brought down a helicopter with a pistol He’s a baaaaad man.
9:35: NJBK: 1 (Nathonson)
9:37: Chloe only WISHES Jack Bauer would upload his drive to her socket.
9:42: President Logan thinks the Russians should be OK because they have a lot of security. Well, that’s good enough for me. Give it to them.
9:43: She may be crazy, but she’s not stupid! Here’s the thing First Lady Logan, he really IS considering it. How did you not know your husband was such a moron. He’s just so single minded. He latches on to the most obvious answer and that’s that. “You’re the president of the United States of America!” President Charles Logan is living proof that people really don’t put much thought into choosing the Vice President.
9:46: Lynn McGill is such a paranoid brat, he’s like a totalitarian dictator. Why would anyone be afraid of him? How long until there is a coup and Lynn McGill gets deposed for being insane? It could happen any minute here. Jack Bauer will come into CTU with a gaggle of security and say something like, “Lynn McGill, I’m placing you in custody until this crisis is over in recognition of section X of the Y Code. Your continued leadership is no longer in the best interests of this country. Sir, please follow these men.” In fact, I think that’s happened on this show before.
9:52: I bet that company Chloe just told Jack Bauer about is based in Los Angeles. That’s my prediction for this week.
9:53: “Martha, please.” Shut up, Charles, this isn’t a good idea, and there’s no way you’re going to convince me or her that it is.
9:56: It wouldn’t be a terrorist plan without dramatic sweepings of the pen and giant red x’s. Oh Julian Sands, you’re so bad.
9:57: YES! Martha is great. Totally unpredictable. Probably the best move she could have made. She really put herself on the line right there. That was awesome. Yes.
Final thoughts:
3 JBKC, 0 torture, 5 NJBD, Prediction Ratio n/a.
Looks like next week is when Lynn McGill gets relieved of his duty. It’s pretty clear that his key card will cost some money to get back or else end up in the hands of some nefarious characters, though I hope the writers of “24” don’t expect us to believe that these particular smack addicts hang out with terrorists. My prediction about the location of the company has not yet been proven or disproven.
Totals for the season, 21 JBKCs, 2 torture, 23 NJBDs, Prediction Ratio 37.5% (3 out of 8).

24: Episode 9, 3 PM – 4 PM

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