24: Episode 8, 2 PM – 3 PM

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I’m not excited about this week’s episode. I didn’t think the previews from last week were that good and frankly, I could shut this season off right and not suffer the shakes of withdrawal.
9:02: I have to reiterate the idiocy of the plot twist which led Lynn McGill to get mugged by his junkie sister.
9:03: There’s no way for anyone to get anywhere in any city in five minutes. It will probably take him 5 minutes to get out of the building.
9:06: “No statement until his wife has been notified.” I think the President learned that in the Presidential Clichés class he took his sophomore year of President College.
9:06: Yes, Mike, go on. Paint a picture for the second stupidest president, real or fake, ever. Wasn’t it clear when we saw Walt dead that the administration would change their story? It was to me. President Logan must have had other stuff on his mind, like what would happen if gorillas and rabbits mated. Is that a gorabbit or a rabilla?
9:08:Stop asking questions, Evelyn, or you’ll be sent back to small roles on ER. You don’t want that, do you?
9:11: Raise your hand if you think Chloe would be able to describe the reconfiguration of a chip well enough for Jack Bauer to pretend to be technology dude. Me neither
9:12: Jack Bauer is in custody! Jack Bauer is in custody!
9:13: Audrey, stop thinking with your heart. Jack Bauer is a big boy, he can take care of himself. See! Bill Buchanan just said it!
9:18: If the First Lady doesn’t understand what’s going on here, maybe she SHOULD be committed to that place in Vermont..
9:18: How many times do you think President Logan can say “I’m the president” to his wife!? She’s not going to tolerate it forever, that’s for sure.
9:20: Hello. I just realized that C. Thomas Howell is listed as a cast member in tonight’s episode. What could the star of “Red Dawn” and “Soul Man” be doing on “24”? I’d like to think that he’s bigger than a bit part on a series like “24”, but if I were to think that’d I’d most certainly be wrong.
9:22: Lynn McGill is pissed about getting mugged by his junkie sister (for what I can only assume is the tenth time) so he’s going to take it out on thousands of innocent consumers? That doesn’t make any sense. What am I talking about? Nothing on this show makes sense. You know when you’re supposed to stop watching a television series? When it becomes an arduous task to suspend your disbelief. Careful “24” you’re in uncharted waters, suspending this writer’s disbelief has always been so simple.
9:28: NJBD: 1 (Mall security guard).
9:30: My guess is it would be hard for Jack Bauer to stand there and hear this conversation and not want to whisper a line disparaging Lynn McGill’s manhood for getting mugged by his junkie sister, in what is beginning to look more and more like a throwaway plot twist.
9:31: “100% certainty?” Lynn McGill, how can you possibly say that with a straight face?
9:32: “This is a field operation, it’s up to you.” Haha, that was sweet. I’m going to use that line when I don’t want to make a decision. This is the silliest and most ridiculous president of all time. Err, the second silliest and most ridiculous president of all time.
9:33: Doesn’t Lynn McGill know that he can’t “order” Jack Bauer to do anything? Lynn, he doesn’t work for you, duh. That goes doubly for the president.
9:40: “This is war.” Did Congress declare that, Lynn? Because if they didn’t, it’s only an armed conflict and not a war. You know that.
9:41: JBKC: 1 (Terrorist)
9:43: It’s funny to imagine Jack Bauer walking though the mall in a gas mask holding a gun while people run in the opposite direction in terror. The only thing that would make it better is if he could possibly be wearing night vision goggles and a bow tie.
9:45: I’m not sure which drug Jack Bauer asked for, but how did he know which one to ask for? Jack Bauer is saving young girls left and right now. Kim, Kim, Kim, Kim!
9:51: You seem to be incapable of doing that, Lynn McGill, because you spend all your time getting mugged by your junkie sister. Doesn’t that type of thing show up on a background check? You know it does. That’s why the president referenced it just then.
9:54: That’s right, First Lady, take your medicine, you know it’s the right thing to do. For Walt’s family, AND for the country. Don’t be stubborn, you know you were wrong. Oh come on, don’t be that way, give your hubby a kiss. Mike Logan is so not getting laid tonight.
9:55: Can Curtis drive with a gas mask? I guess so.
9:56: NJBD: 1 (The other terrorist)
Final thoughts:
1 JBKC, 0 torture, 2 NJBD, Prediction Ratio n/a.
That’s two episodes past the point I thought that Kim Bauer would make her appearance. Also, was C. Thomas Howell on tonight or not? Can anyone confirm that? I get really frustrated when Jack Bauer and CTU don’t use the technology and knowledge they’ve used in past seasons or even past episodes. It’s like they have selective terrorism fighting skills. I hate it.
Totals for the season, 18 JBKCs, 2 torture, 18 NJBDs, Prediction Ratio 37.5% (3 out of 8).

24: Episode 8, 2 PM – 3 PM

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