Free the Pittsfield 16

A brother of my friend got himself into a sticky situation. He’s been charged with selling a small amount of marajuana to an undercover police officer. The undercover police officer spent last summer gaining the trust of my friend’s brother and 15 of other kids from Western Mass before buying different amounts and types of drugs from them. These kids are not big time drug dealers and most of them only sold the drugs because they thought they were doing a friend a favor. Since the sale took place in a parking lot less than 1000 feet from a church basement nursery school which was closed for the summer, the DA has decided to utilize school zone drug laws which carry a 2 year mandatory minimum. Mandatory minimums for first time offenders are ridiculous.

One thing you can do is go to the Berkshire Eagle website and scroll down the page to the poll where you can voice your opinion on the DA’s plan to utilize mandatory minimums. Also, if you see somewhere to post comments feel free to do that as well. Thanks for spreading the word to your friends as much as you’re inclined!

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Free the Pittsfield 16

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