A few things…

Seems like I may be the lone voice of this place. Hopefully people will start writing again. Anyway, here are just a few things from lately.

This weekend, JR and I went to DC to see JT and NP and take in a Sox-Orioles game. Camden Yards is a really beautiful stadium and the fans are the most affable second place fans around. There were loads of kids and also TONS of Sox fans. Every few batters, a “Let’s Go, RED SOX” chant would start up pretty fervently and the Oriole fans would boo lustily. It got to a point where anytime the Orioles did something good (they won 4-1), this drunk guy a few rows down would stand up and point to all the Boston fans. It kind of made me feel sad, because this guy shouldn’t have anything to prove in his home ballpark. He was outnumbered in his own section and that can’t be a good feeling a few miles from his bed.

We flew on Independence Air and that was OK, except our plane coming home Sunday night was delayed over an hour which was a major bummer. While waiting, we heard an announcement that the customers flying to Syracuse should use the rest room now because the toilet on the airplane was broken. While we were preparing for take off, the pilot said something along the lines of “Sorry the flight was delayed, the plane we were supposed to take had some maintenance issues, and luckily for us this one was available. I was thinking to myself, “It’s not lucky for us, it’s lucky for you and the rest of the “Fly I” staff. I’m glad you’re not making me fly on a broken airplane, but really, the ticket I bought was for an on time flight on a well maintained airplane.” The same type of thing happened this afternoon while on the phone with Staple’s customer service. I had ordered file cabinets for work and the sales rep had said they’d match all the locks for me so they had just one key. She said if the locks for the cabinets didn’t end up matching when we got them, I could call Jill and get them ordered free of charge. Wouldn’t you know it, the 7 cabinets came with only 1 pair of matching locks and when I called Jill to get the new locks, she said there would be a $14.99 charge for each lock. I told her what the sales rep had told me and she said Staples would pay for half. At the end of the call she said, “I’m sorry for the error, sorry for the misunderstanding.” I almost said, “There was no misunderstanding at all, I understood perfectly what your sales rep said.” Oh well, maybe next time.

2 political conspiracy theories:
-The editor of Time released Matthew Cooper’s notes because of politics, not ethics? Maybe? I don’t know anything about him and if political reputation means anything, wouldn’t the NYT have released their notes sooner?
-The evangelical right came out opposed to AG Alberto to make him seem more appealing to the Democrats. By declaring that they would oppose even him, Democrats may think of him more fondly. Already I’ve seen several places that opine Alberto may be the least of all evils when it comes to potential nominees.

This weekend I’m going to JR’s family reunion in CLEVELAND. I’ll post again shortly if I make it through!

A few things…

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