At the Beach

JR and I went to Horseneck Beach in Westport, MA today. As far as I’m concerned, a beach is a beach, JR’s mom said it was the favorite beach of MA residents, and JR said it was just so so. Since I don’t like salt water (it’s sticky, cold, and full of terrifying sharks) I usually don’t do much swimming when I go to the beach. This means that the pleasure I derive from the beach could be functionally replicated in a crowed, shadeless backyard filled with sand and a big fan blowing intermittently to act as the breeze.
One major reason I like the beach is because JR lets me lie down doing nothing for several hours in a row. Although it’s not banned in my apartment, this type of sloth is generally frowned upon.

Sorry for the recent lack of posts, many of the writers of this blog are lazy and some are genuinely busy.

At the Beach

0 thoughts on “At the Beach

  1. RM says:

    Horseneck Beach is great. Definitely one of the better beaches in the area. I was hoping that I was close to it when I lived in Providence, but it still takes a while to get there unfortunately.


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