Going to Shows

Tonight I went with JO, W, and N to see Bloc Party at the Paradise. After working as the road manager for a touring band for the past 3 years or so, I don’t really enjoy going to concerts that much anymore. Growing up I was at the Saturday and Sunday afternoon all ages matinees all the time. Now it’s kind of boring going to shows, though. In fact, the last time I saw live music recreationally was in Sept of 2003, and then it was only because my new favorite band was in DC the same night as the band I worked with.

Bloc Party isn’t my newest favorite band, but I did start listening to them recently enough that I was still semi-excited about the idea of going to see them. To me they sound like what U2 would sound like if U2 started today. The music was pretty good. They played for just long enough for me to get bored (35 minutes) and then during the encore I was so excited to go home, that I was excited again. I guess you can’t expect much from a band with only one album, but you’d think they would have SOME other material, maybe a cover or two?

Being at the show with JO, W, and N was fun, too. Instead of joining in the hipster fashion parade, I think it’s safe to say that they’ve internalized hipsterdom to the point of almost complete and total cynicism. Maybe that’s a generalization. It was interesting, though, that everyone in the crowd we mocked (which was everyone) totally deserved it. There was the giant in the suede jacket who didn’t realize his height and couldn’t decide between leaning over and talking to his friend or crashing in to various members of our party. There was the frat boys who accosted the band for tickets at dinner before the show. (We were in the table next to BP, who, in their defense, refrained from returning any dishes or ordering copious amounts of JD). And then there were the fashionistas that looked like they raided their dad’s closet from 1975 before the show. I mean, has anyone going to indie or British Dance Rock shows looked at themselves in the mirror lately? Mods with bad haircuts? Preppies with torn sports coats? I’m not sure these people know.

Music and fashion are so closely linked and I wonder why. I stopped going to hardcore shows when Straight Edge became more of a fashion statement than an ethos. SxE varsity leather jackets = lame no matter how fervent your belief in a ‘my body is a temple’ philosphy. However, thinking about it for a second, I can’t really say that’s why I stopped going. Not wanting to deal with hipster kids, though, is a good enough reason to stay home any day. And I don’t think JO, W, and N are alone in their internal hipsterdom, either. I imagine a movement afoot. I wonder if there will someday be a battle for true hipsterdom and all the fashion hipsters (LOOKING like you’re too cool for school) will do battle with the emotional hipsters (KNOWING you’re too cool for school). It’s unclear who would win this battle, quantity or quality, but one thing’s for certain, bands like Bloc Party would probably stop selling so many tickets.

Going to Shows

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