Girlfriend Vacation Running Journal 3

10:15 AM Again, not as late as I’d have liked, but respectable, maybe I’ll take a nap later on. I’m still expressing my displeasure by staying in bed for a couple hours this morning. I’ll read the Globe sports page, slashdot, and anything else that catches my fancy.
12:35 PM I like Mark Cuban’s blog, and I’m not ashamed!
12:43 PM Wow. This French site has pictures of the “transparent” backgrounds people are putting on their Macs. Imagine lifting your computer up and taking a picture of what is behind it. Then put that picture on you Mac desktop so you can “see through” the computer.
1:35 PM Shower. Didn’t really get very dirty since yesterday, but a habit is a habit.
1:50 PM Eating cereal and reading Rolling Stone. I just like the People-esque section that talks about the different gossip. Most of the articles bore me. Though I did read an article about Suge Knight a couple years ago that gave me nightmares.
2:30 PM I tried adding pictures to the blog. I am using to do this and so far it’s not working.
2:52 PM Decided to use up all the outstanding gift certificates I have. First up, $10.00 at iTunes. This is hard, I want to get something I’ll like, but I can’t find anything that’s a certain hit. In desperation, I bought The Promise Ring’s “Nothing Feels Good”.
3:10 PM JR just called to let me know she’s about 100 miles away. I better hurry if I want to have a good goal achievement percentage.
3:18 PM Next up, $90.00 at Game or External Hard drive?
4:32 PM After much discussion and misgivings I finally chose a hard drive only to find my credit rejected. I’ll have to figure that out tomorrow. I have to go pick up JR in 20 minutes so I don’t know how to prioritize my last few minutes of freedom. The $75 at Amazon will have to wait until later this evening.
5:53 PM I left to pick up JR signifying the end of “Girlfriend Vacation”.

My best guest without reexamining the goals, I’d have to say I was pretty productive this weekend. However since we try to base everything at AABA on science and facts, let’s go through the original list one by one.
Use up gift certificates to Smalldog, Amazon, and Borders. I wasn’t yet able to use the Smalldog or Border’s GCs because of a problem with the websites. I added iTunes to the list, and used up the Amazon GC so I’d have to consider this goal completed.
Purchase iPod case and external harddrive (perhaps with gift certificates). I plum forgot to buy an iPod case, but my big issue was getting over the hurdle and deciding which one to get. I’ve done that and I’ll buy the case tonight. The hard drive was all set to be ordered from Smalldog until my store credit was rejected. Completed.
Shop for groceries. Over-completed.
Watch movies and basketball. 4 movies and a couple close games. Completed.
Laundry. Completed.
Finish a few blogs I’ve been working on (not the GF Vacation Journal). Ideas only, not completed.
Clean around the house. Depends on the definition of clean, but I did tidy up. Completed.
Extra goals will be added as they are realized. I learned about the history of notebook computers, researched discount online brokers, the difference between AAC and MP3, worked for about 7 hours, made some lunches for work, and fleshed out my disapproval of Rick Pitino. Completed.
Sleep a lot. The bane of boyfriends everywhere. When the girlfriend goes away, all semblance of time disappears, (which is why I think it’s so hard to accomplish goals). Going to sleep early becomes impossible and for silly reasons, too. I failed to complete this goal.

That gives me a 90% achievement rate, I’m an indisputable success. But I wouldn’t have been able to do it without all (ha!) of you. Clearly defining my goals for you gave me a small sense of structure to my time wasting and you deserve some of the credit. Next time we’ll have to set higher aspirations.

Girlfriend Vacation Running Journal 3

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